Beach Volleyball Party

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Party Package Includes: Two hours of court time plus two hours in a party room or on the patio (depending on availability)

Price: $330.80: Courts are $160.00 (plus tax) and Food & Beverage deposit is $150.00; Prices are subject to change without notice.

  • Party Package Details: - $150 charge applies towards food in the restaurant. After choosing a package, the restaurant will credit you $150.00, leaving you to pay the difference;
  • - Please note: full payment is required at the time of the booking and the participant(s) MUST sign a waiver BEFORE entering the designated courts;
  • - Please note: coffee, taxes, and gratuities are not included in packages and are added on to you bill. Prices subject to change without notice;
  • - The restaurant requires one week notice for your food order or to discuss menu options; please contact Arul 905-738-7574, ext 250 or email;
  • - Your food bill will be due on the day of your party;
  • - No outside food or beverages are permitted into the facility except for the cake; everything else must be purchased though the restaurant;
  • - Buffet tables are set up with linens and paper products are provided by the restaurant;
  • - It is the responsibility of the Lincesee to provide paper plates for cake;
  • - It is the responsibility of the Licensee to provide invitations;
  • We will supply volleyball based on a key or I.D exchange;
  • - Before booking any party, please come by and take a look where the ice, Molson Room, restaurant and courtyard areas are located;
  • - Molson Room accommodates 25 people;
  • - The courtyard is part of the restaurant situated in the restaurant in view of Rinks B & C, and can accommodate 40 to 50 people on each side;
  • - The restaurant accommodates 250 people
    • We require one month notice but in the event should you wish to cancel at anytime; $50.00 cancellation fee applies and the difference of the full price will be issued as a refund.