Skating Party

Party Package Includes: One (1) hour ice includes an allotted flood time (depending on availability) One and one half (1.5) hours in the Molson Room, Restaurant or Courtyard areas (depending on availability)

  • Full payment VISA or M/C required when you book, and a contract MUST be signed to confirm your party.  The contract states we are not held liable for any serious injuries.  You use the rink at your own risk.  You are not sharing the ice time with other user groups. The one-hour ice time includes the flood allotted time.
  • No boots or shoes are permitted on the ice.
  • We do not supply Skating Aid Trainer and you can bring in your own.
  • We recommend that CSA approved hockey helmets are mandatory for all ages.
  • Children under the age of 13 must wear full cages.
  • Individuals up to 16, CSA approved hockey helmet full cage is mandatory.
  • Individuals from ages 16 - 18, CSA approved hockey helmet with or without cage, (cage preferred and mandatory if shooting pucks is involved,)  and parents must sign waiver.
  • Any individual over 18, CSA approved hockey helmet full cage is preferred, and mandatory if shooting pucks and participants sign the waiver.
  • Adults do not have wear helmets, but we strongly recommend it.
  • While everyone should sign a waiver, those not wearing helmets NEED to sign it.
  • We do not provide invitations.
  • We do not rent skates or helmets.
  • You may bring decorations.
  • Cancellation Policy:
  • Should you wish to cancel at any time, $50.00 cancellation fee applies, and the difference of the full price will be issued as a refund.

Total Price $511.60: Ice is $361.30 (including taxes) plus Restaurant, Molson Room or Courtyard area is $150.00; Prices subject to change without notice


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