Skating Party

Party Package Includes: One (1) hour ice includes an allotted flood time (depending on availability) One and one half (1.5) hours in the Molson Room, Restaurant or Courtyard areas (depending on availability)

Total Price $511.60: Ice is $361.30 (including taxes) plus Restaurant, Molson Room or Courtyard area is $150.00; Prices subject to change without notice


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  • Party Package Details:
  • - $100 charge applies towards food in the restaurant. After choosing a package, the restaurant will credit you $100.00, leaving you to pay the difference;
  • - Please note: full payment is required at the time of the booking by VISA or M/C and the participant(s) MUST sign a contract BEFORE entering the designated rink;
  • - Please note: coffee, taxes, and gratuities are not included in packages and are added on to you bill. Prices subject to change without notice;
  • - The restaurant requires one week notice for your food order or to discuss menu options; please contact Arul 905-738-7574, ext 250 or email;
  • - Your food bill will be due on the day of your party;
  • - No outside food or beverages are permitted into the facility except for the cake; everything else must be purchased though the restaurant;
  • - Buffet tables are set up with linens and paper products are provided by the restaurant;
  • - It is the responsibility of the Lincesee to provide paper plates for cake;
  • - It is the responsibility of of the Licensee to provide locks for their designated dressing room(s). We are not responsible for articles left or stolen in the room. Locks are also available to purchase at Guest Services for $6.00;
  • - It is the responsibility of the Licensee to provide invitations;
  • - We recommend that CSA approved hockey helmets are mandatory for all ages;
  • Children under the age pf 13 must wear full cages;
  • Individuals up to 16 years old, CSA approved hockey helmet with full cage is mandatory ;
  • Individuals from ages 16-18, CSA approved hockey helmet with or without cage, (cage is preferred and mandatory if shooting pucks is involved) and parents must sign a waiver;
  • - Adults do not have to wear a helmet, but it is strongly recommended;
  • - While everyone should sign a waiver, those not wearing a helmet MUST sign a waiver;
  • - We do not rent skates or helmets;
  • - Before booking any party, please come by and take a look where the ice, Molson Room, restaurant and courtyard areas are located;
  • - Molson Room accommodates 25 people;
  • - The courtyard is part of the restaurant situated in the restaurant in view of Rinks B & C, and can accommodate 40 to 50 people on each side;
  • - The restaurant accommodates 250 people
    • We require one month notice but in the event should you wish to cancel at anytime; $50.00 cancellation fee applies and the difference of the full price will be issued as a refund.¬†